Company description

Consignor’s vision is to have the best platform for Delivery Management, developing and hosting powerful and flexible solutions for a fast-growing number of customers worldwide.

Our software serves thousands of clients with an efficient way of administrating the shipping of goods, printing package labels and freight documents, calculating freight prices, track & trace of packages, generating statistics and reports.

Consignor’s headquarter is located in Oslo with offices in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, UK, US, and Romania.

Position description

The Carrier Integration’s Project Manager is responsible for identifying and building strong working relationships with carriers to ensure Consignor has the most complete portfolio of carrier partners to service the ever-growing diverse customer base, with a continuous focus on support and management of our partners. Reporting into the Head of Carrier Development, but also working closely with developers and the group of Carrier Integration Project Managers throughout the global business.

A key to your success is based on technical understanding of Consignor and how it translates into the carrier’s specification. You should be able to read XML/JSON and extract relevant content from technical documentation. In this role you will build and maintain direct relationships with the carrier IT teams, and this will need to be accomplished with regular communications, and where applicable via face to face meetings, therefore you will be expected to be mobile and can attend meetings with carrier partners as the business requires. The role will generally be office based but flexibility is expected to accommodate travel requirements based on the demands of the job.

Being based in USA, your main concern will be to work with integrations for carriers in USA. If the business need resources in other continents, the Head of Carrier Development can change the priority for you to help there.

Main Responsibilities

  • Build an in-depth knowledge of Consignor functionality, its interface specifications via both file transfer and API calls, platform architecture and infrastructure.
  • Reach out to suitable carriers to establish business relationships and expand Consignor brand awareness
  • Understand carrier integrations, performance and usability.
  • Read and analyze technical documentations from carriers to write specifications for developers.
  • Maintain effective relationships and communication channels with carriers and with relative departments within Consignor.
  • Establish yourself as a business liaison between Consignor and the carriers.
  • Work with carriers to develop improvements to their existing integration.
  • Be a key influencer for the Consignor brand values with carriers, safeguarding, and enhancing our reputation for product and service excellence within the market.
  • Ensure integrations and change requests are detailed and geared towards the goals of the carriers to their maximum potential, providing carriers with a demonstrable return on investment and high product satisfaction.
  • Ensure integrations are geared towards the long term aims of Consignor in relation to the architecture of the business.
  • Develop strong working relationships internally within Consignor and with external business partners through regular contact.
  • Manage and promote partnership sharing mindset, interpretation and utilization of the carrier and Consignor operational knowledge.
  • Directly influence the internal strategy around Consignor products through carrier feedback and critical observations upon usage.

Required professional qualifications

  • Experience of managing and developing client/partner facing relationships.
  • Strong communications skills, internally and externally.
  • Demonstrable customer care skills.
  • Structured, organized and quality oriented.
  • Ability to troubleshoot & manage a demanding diary and to prioritize meetings, calls and paperwork in response to the demands of both Partners and the Consignor business.
  • Ability to read and understand webservice documentation describing a carrier’s booking API


  • ITIL
  • Experience within each of the following: Warehousing, Transport & Logistics, Systems and IT.
  • Working knowledge of fulfilment, supply chain and carrier operations.


  • Strong problem solving, analytical and project management skills
  • Confident and dynamic personality

Required personality traits and skill set

  • Fluent in written and oral English.
  • Must have authorization to work in the US. Visa sponsorship is not available.

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